Deer Management

White Tailed Deer
All deer in the State of Texas belong to the State of Texas, therefore those who wish to participate in deer management programs must adhere to the laws of the State of Texas, which are administered by Texas Parks and Wildlife (TP&W).

After several years of participating in State licensed trapping, the Village no longer traps. The deer count in The Hills appears to be maintaining at an acceptable level due to natural population pressures.

Do Not Feed the Deer

What is being fed is not nutritious, makes them less leery of humans and therefore more aggressive. Also, be aware that during the rut deer (both males and females) have little regard for their surroundings; they run in front of, into or over vehicles or whatever might be standing in their path.

Knowing that deer management is a controversial issue, the City Council keeps up-to-date on new information and studies that might provide other methods of deer management.
Deer Drinking