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The Village Park and Nature Trail


  1. Basketball
  2. Picnic Areas
  3. Playground
  4. Restrooms
  5. Water Fountain

Reservations & Permit

Call The Village of The Hills at (512) 261-6281 to reserve the Park and fill out an Activity Permit form.
  • Residents of The Hills may reserve the park with a $75 refundable deposit, refunded if all refuse is properly disposed of and no damage is noted at the park.
  • Non-residents of The Hills with authorization to enter The Hills may reserve the park for a Use Fee and deposit of $250, $125 of which will be refunded if all refuse is properly disposed of and no damage is noted at the park.
  • Residents and non-residents may reserve the Park for no more than 2 consecutive days. Only one event can be reserved at the Park at a time.
  • The Park may not be used for and will not be reserved for commercial activities for which;
    • Individuals are charged for use of Park admittance, parking or facilities, 
    • Items are exhibited which are sold or offered for sales at the Park, or
    • Charges are made for equipment, food, or beverages brought into the Park.
  • Prefer 3 weeks notice.
  • Approval is necessary to have inflatable’s, water slides, petting zoos, etc.
    • While we are in Stage 2 Mandatory Water Restrictions, there will be no water slides allowed.
  • Checks must be written and delivered to:
    Village of The Hills
    102 Trophy Drive
    Austin, TX 78738
  • The Activity Permit needs to be signed before the event.
  • Due to limited 110 volts electrical capacity, patrons should not use equipment that will draw more than 30 amps total load.
  • After the event, contact 512-261-6281 to receive the refund or dispose of the check after park has been checked for damage.