Youth Advisory Commission

YAC Trail of Treats PreparationAbout the Commission

Consistent with several other Texas communities, The Village of the Hills created a Youth Advisory Commission. The City Council works directly with interested students to design the organization and establish projects. Such a body is good for the students and Village alike.

The Youth Advisory Commission is made up of students in grades 9 through 12 who reside in The Village of the Hills. The City Council is hopeful that such an organization will attract a broad base of students. There are several reasons that having a more direct connection with the community’s youth is beneficial.

Development of Future Leaders

Certainly there are young people who would like to pursue opportunities in the public sector. In other communities, high school students have not only learned how government works, but have gone on in their adult lives to be active participants.

Opportunity for Community Service

Community service is a valuable component for college and or job applications. At the same time, our young people can provide resources for projects like park equipment refurbishing or HillsFest volunteers.

Understanding of Age Specific Concerns

Participants on the Youth Advisory Commission will be able to provide insights that are specific to their age group. This will be very valuable as programs and improvements are considered by the Board of Aldermen.

Broader Communication

This organization will give us new ways to communicate with our residents. Their students will be well informed citizens and in a unique position to further communicate with their families and friends.

Broader Based Support for Community Activities

Again, involvement in HillsFest by young people can increase attendance. The Youth Advisory Commission can also work with our Park Commission to create more programs for specific age groups.

For more information, email Councilmember Amy Ovlen Wharton or call 512-261-6281.