Maintenance & Removal of Trees Policy & Procedures

In many cases Village owned land backs up to residents’ back yards, and from time to time various residents have landscaped adjacent portions of the Village owned land, placed trampolines, swings and other private property in the public areas, and made other uses of the areas.

Often these private uses of the public areas have resulted in disputes between neighbors.

The Hills Board of Aldermen has approved the policy and procedure for the maintenance and removal of trees and other landscaping on property owned by the village.


If you are planning any activities in the public areas, including dumping, cutting of trees and bushes, and the placement of private property in said areas, read the policy and fill out the proper form to do so. The form must be submitted to the Village offices and after being reviewed you will be notified of the decision.

Further Information

Please call the Village offices at 512-261-6281 if you have questions or comments regarding the public areas.