When property is replatted (adding one or more lots to an existing lot or lots) or vacated (subtracting one or more lots from an existing plat) the City Council must approve the transaction.


The village requires the following in the case of replatting:

  • An approved and constructed drainage plan may be necessary depending on the location (address) of your property. If after carefully reading the information you still have drainage questions, please contact Mr. Earl Wood at 512-261-6281.
  • A 24"x36" sheet of the properties being platted or replatted submitted by the surveyor, signed by him/her and the property owners with notarized signatures.
  • One (1) plain paper black and white letter-sized copy of the original plat or replat.
  • A check for $200 for maximum number of lots affected, payable to "Village of The Hills".

All of these items should be submitted to the City offices at 102 Trophy Drive at least one week before the regular meeting of the Council (normally held the second Tuesday of each month).

Please note: Some surveyors file the plat or replat with the County Clerk and some expect the property owner to do so. Please check with your surveyor to see if filing is included with his fee. In either case, if the regular meeting is held on the second Thursday of the month, the signed plat may be picked up at the village office the next day.

Those requesting a vacation of replat should ask their title company what it requires. Some require a new survey and some just require a letter drawn up by their real estate attorney. 


The fee for approving a vacation is $200 per maximum number of lots affected should be submitted with the request for vacation.