Law Enforcement

The Hills has a contract with Travis County to provide law enforcement in the city. The Hills has a deputy constable on duty 40 hours per week, at random hours, to provide traffic control and enforce State and local laws. When the deputy constable is not on duty, the Sheriff’s Department is the law enforcement entity designated to answer calls in the village. If the Sheriff’s Department does not have personnel in the area, Lakeway police or other entities may respond. If a resident has an emergency, 911 should be called. To report non-emergency incidents, call the Travis County Sheriff's Office at (512) 974-0845.

House Watch

House Watch is a courtesy provided by Village of The Hills. Residents who leave their home on vacation may request that a law enforcement officer conduct a close patrol of their residence. To request this service, please complete the form at the link below.

The Hills House Watch Form

Constable Reports

The Constable Report gives a brief overview of activities for the month. Daily activities include regular patrols, driving down every street at least twice a day, investigate and/or follow up on incidents reported and observed by residents.

View Most Recent Constable Reports